Electronics Warranty

The Company covers the repair or replacement expenses of the Insured Good due to breakdown, provided that the details of the Insured Good were registered when taking out the insurance prior to the Notification of a Loss, in the terms and conditions specified below.

This insurance shall take effect the day after the date the manufacturer warranty ends and shall remain in force for [12  months] from that date, provided the policy has been signed and the Company has collected the corresponding premium.

This Warranty shall take effect on the date of contracting the policy as specified in the Schedule of Policy, that must be the same day when the Insured Good was purchased, and shall remain in force for [24 month ] from that date, provided the policy has been signed and the Company has collected the corresponding premium.



Any  unforeseen  electrical,  electronic  or mechanical  failure  of  the  Insured  Good, its  components  or  appliances  to  perform its  fundamental  operation(s)  in  normal service,  according  to  the manufacturer’s specifications.


Insured Good:

Those new appliances bought by the Insured in a Retailer in The United Arab  Emirates,  and  which are  included  in  the  Goods  list  below  and  for which the policy has been contracted.

White  appliances: Cooking  appliances:  Cooker,  Oven,  Microwave, Cover;  Dish  washer;  Washing  machine,  Spin  or  tumble  dryers, washer-dyers;  Refrigerators:  American  type,  normal  type,  one  or two doors fridge/freezer, freezers.

Built-in domestic appliances: Cooker hood; Electric water heaters

Brown appliances: TVs: standard CRT, LCDs, LED TV plasma TVS, widescreen projections; Combo

TVs: TV and DVD or TV and VCR devices; Home theatres; Decoder;

Video  devices:  Video  players,  DVD  player,  DVD  recorder  Blu Ray Player; Audio devices: Hi-FI.

Brown  nomad  appliances: Audio  devices:  Car  audio  devices,  Mini disc,  Discman  players,  MP3,  MP4  players,  IPods  and  other  small audio portable devices; Camera: photo and camcorders; Consoles (Games)

Grey  appliances: PCs;  LCD  or  LED  monitor;  Printer;  Scanner; Multimedia HDD; Multifunction (fax, scanner, printer)

Grey  nomad  appliances: Laptop;  Tablets;  Smartphones,  E-book reader;  Navigator;  Portable  HDD,  multimedia  card,  High  capacity USB

SHA  (Small  Home  appliances): Vacuum  Cleaner;  Deep  fryer; Culinary robot; Coffee maker; Home bakery; Pressure washers

Air  conditioning: Fix  air  conditioning;  Portable  air  conditioning  and chilling units\’

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