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The Advance warranty type will meet your full expectation while you drive American or European car. Coverage, Claim liability and warranty duration (in year and km) couldn’t get any better.



Gasoline/Diesel Engine Yes Yes Yes Yes  

All Components Are Covered As Per The Terms

And Conditions Of The Warranty Policy

Manufactured Mirror Coverage
Transmission (Automatic, Standard or Transfer Case) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front/Rear Wheel Drive Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fluids No Yes Yes Yes
Electrical No Yes Yes Yes
Fuel No Yes Yes Yes
Cooling System No Yes Yes Yes
Air Conditioning No Yes Yes Yes
Brakes No Yes Yes Yes
Front Suspension No No No Yes
Steering No No Yes Yes
High-Tech Package No No No Yes

*The covered components are mentioned in the policy according the category of the warranty program

The Policy
In consideration of the premium having been paid by or on behalf of the policy holder to the
company, the company will, subject to the terms and conditions specified herein, provide the
benefits set out in this policy to the said warranty holder.
Please read this policy carefully, this policy contains all details of the warranty protection
If there arises any confusion of the coverages or terms & conditions in the policy between the 2
printed languages, the English version will be considered for the final decision.
This Extended Warranty provides an extension that will commence from the date that the
manufacturer’s Base Warranty expires and confirms a period of cover for term and KM,
whichever occurs first, as stated on your Warranty Certificate.
The following words or terminology have the same meaning wherever they appear in this
“Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown” means the sudden and unforeseen mechanical or
electrical failure of a covered component excluding failure due to Normal Wear and Tear.
“Authorized Dealer” MP Warranties Extension Services L.L.C Authorized Repairer Center.
“Base Warranty” the manufacturer warranty provided to You, the terms and conditions of
which are set out in Your base warranty booklet;
“Company” MP Warranties Extension Services L.L.C

“Extended Warranty” this warranty provided by the Company to You, including the terms and
conditions set out in this document and those sections of Your Service Plan referenced in this
“Excluded Usage” use of Your Vehicle being used for competitions, racing, pace making, offroad
and towing use unless specifically designed for the purpose, the provision of a short-term
self-drive contract, as a taxi or by a driving school, a dispatch or delivery courier or for any
form of commercial use, hire or reward; or used for public services (such as, but not limited to
police, fire brigade, ambulance, rescue, military purposes); “Normal Wear and Tear” means the
gradual reduction in operating performance of a covered component, having regard to the age of
the Vehicle and the distance travelled;
“Service History Log” the scheduled maintenance record which forms part of the Service plan
and serves as a record of the servicing work Q
“Service Intervals” the service intervals which the manufacturer recommends for Your Vehicle
and which are set out in the Service Plan; “Service Plan” the service recommendations provided
by the manufacturer or dealer to You when you purchase Your Vehicle;
“Vehicle” means the new passenger Vehicle purchased by You either directly from the
manufacturer or supplied by the manufacturer and sold via an Authorized Dealer located in your
“Warranty Certificate” means the Warranty Certificate which is to be issued to You by the
Company to evidence Your rights to acquire the Extended Warranty services as described herein;
“You, Your, Vehicle Owner” means the owner and registered keeper of the Vehicle.
Subject to the terms & conditions of this Extended Warranty, if Your Vehicle suffers a sudden
and unforeseen Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown during the Extended Warranty period the
Company will repair Your Vehicle or pay the cost including labour and replacement parts of
having the Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown repaired by an Authorized Dealer. The most that
will be reimbursed/paid in relation to any one individual Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown,
or all claims on this Extended Warranty, is up to the purchase price of the Vehicle, inclusive of tax as stated in Your purchase agreement.

The Company reserves the right to specify the use of guaranteed, reconditioned or exchange
components when appropriate.
Note: Failure to perform the required maintenance to Your Vehicle on a timely basis in
accordance with the Service Intervals will invalidate this Extended Warranty coverage.
1. To qualify for cover under Your Extended Warranty, You must:
1.1. present Your Vehicle to an Authorized Dealer or repairer as soon as possible after You
become aware of the defect;
1.2. Ensure that Your Vehicle is properly, regularly and punctually serviced in accordance
with the recommended Service Intervals using genuine manufacturer parts. You should
also ensure that your Service History Log is completed and stamped and that You retain
all relevant invoices/receipts;
1.3. in all cases, before any repair work is carried out to Your Vehicle, You must produce
Your Service History Log duly stamped to show what servicing work has been completed
and if so requested, produce the invoices/receipts, which relate to the servicing work
which is shown as having been completed;
1.4. regularly check Your Vehicle at the standard frequencies and odometer specified by the
manufacturer in the Service Plan in respect of radiator coolant levels, battery, tires, brake
fluid and engine oil levels and adjusting the same where required;
1.5. Inform the manufacturer or Authorized Dealer as soon as possible of any defect or failure
in Your Vehicles odometer or of the fitting of any replacement odometer to Your Vehicle.
2. All parts which are replaced under this Extended Warranty shall belong to the Company.
3. The coverage and the claims will be up to vehicle market value with the depreciation of
fifteen percent of each year from the model of the vehicle and the date of registration, the
depreciation value will be paid or charged by the owner of the vehicle.

1. The company reserves the right in each claim to specify the use of reconditioned or
exchanged components when appropriate.
2. This contract does not provide Coverage for damages for bad faith, punitive or exemplary
damages, personal injury including bodily injury, property damage and attorney fees.
Listed parts, except for those items (Events, Services and Parts) listed in section 2
Rocker assembly, hydraulicrockers, camshaft, camshaft followers, inlet & exhaust valves
excluding pitted or burnt valves, or decarbonizing, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, push
rods, timing gears, timing chain, oil pump, piston and rings, con-rods, gudgeon pins and
gearings, crankshaft and bearings, turbo where factory fitted, water pump.
2.Manual Transmission
Internal gears, shafts, bearings, synchro hubs, synchro rings, selector shafts, forks.
3.Automatic Transmission (including CVT types)
Internal gears, shafts, bearings, oil pump, servo, valve block, modulator valve, governor.
• Wear and Tear items – Ancillary drive belts, batteries, wheel bearings, brake pads, brake
shoes, brake discs, drums, clutch disc, other friction components, bulbs, clutch facings, exhaust
system, exhaust pipes and silencers, catalytic convertors, all mountings, fuses and fusebox,
lamps, shock absorbers, control arms and suspension struts, bushes, air suspension

components, fluid or gas hoses and pipes, seals, pins, boots and gaiters, wiper blades, burnt or
worn out clutches, failure due to corrosion, or seizure;
• Trim & Bodywork – Interior or exterior trims, glass, seats, chassis, frames, fuel tank, springs,
arm/headrests, sun visors, wind deflectors, pads, bumpers, mouldings, paint, panels, sheet
metal, weather strips, deployed airbags, body seals or aerials;
• Standard Service Parts – Air cleaner elements, air conditioning refrigerant, air filters, DPFs
(diesel particulate filter), fuel filters, oil filters and gaskets, spark plugs, timing belts, oil and
• Checks and Adjustments – Any minor checks and adjustments to vehicle components where
no component replacement is required. For example, tightening or loosening parts,
reconditioning, tuning or cleaning;
This Extended Warranty does not cover:
• any claim which is not related to a Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown;
• any Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown costs covered by any other warranty or entitlement
(including any manufacturer warranty);
• any repairs required as a result of continued operation of the Vehicle once a defect or fault has
occurred (including loss of lubricants and coolant);
• damage attributable to impact or road traffic accident;
• damage caused by accident, flooding or engine water ingestion;
• any Excluded Usage;
• tires or wheels (including wheel balancing);
• any claim where the Company has not been contacted prior to the commencement of repairs
or repairs where the Company not issued an authorization number or repairs using methods
that have not been approved by the Company;
• any loss or damage of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly in whole or in part due
to any act of omission by You which is willful, unlawful or negligent;
• any claim attributable to failure to follow manufacturer’s operating guidelines (located in Your
owner’s manual) or Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown attributable to exceeding the
manufacturer’s operating limitations;

• any claim presented more than 14 days after the relevant fault has become apparent to the
Vehicle Owner or any additional consequential damage;
• unauthorized modifications on the Vehicle or its components;
• any loss or damage caused by the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel, lubricants or fluids,
alternative fuels, supplemental additives and flushing agents for fuels or engine oil;
Consequential damage to a component not covered as a result of the failure of a covered
component and damage to covered component caused by the failure of a non-covered component
or event;
• failure to use genuine manufacturer branded parts and fluids, or parts and fluids that match the
quality of genuine manufacturer branded parts and fluids;
• the cost of preventative maintenance procedures or the cost of recall by the manufacturer of
the Vehicle or any part thereof or the cost of alterations, improvements or overhauls;
• any costs that arise as a result of faults in workmanship or materials in respect of repairs;
• any faults, damage or loss arising from errors, viruses, omissions or faults in any application or
systems software;
• any pre-existing faults prior to the inception of this Extended Warranty;
• cost of towing or cost to send Your Vehicle to an Authorized Dealer, or any other salvage expense,
loss of time, inconvenience, or commercial loss, or any other direct or indirect loss or any other
consequential loss, penalties for delay or detention as a result of a Mechanical & Electrical
Breakdown (including personal liability);
• any damage to casings or castings unless such damage was caused by a covered Mechanical &
Electrical Breakdown;
• the cost and expense to test or replace parts as required by government authority;

• any components which have not sustained a failure but are replaced during the course of the repair
of a covered Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown;
• any costs relating to noise and/or vibration due to parts being worn out, excessive free play or poor
• any Vehicle damage due to water contamination and ingress, corrosion, rust, or other gradual loss or
reduction of function;
• loss, damage, cost or expense of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by force majeure or
from any environmental external cause;
• Where Your Vehicle is deemed un-roadworthy eg salvaged or junk vehicle or where Your Vehicle
is unregistered.
• This Extended Warranty does not apply beyond the Geographical Area.
The following questions and answers are intended to assist you when making a claim.
1. Where should you take Your Vehicle to make a claim?
You should return Your Vehicle to an Authorized Dealer. In the event that the repairing
Authorized Dealer is not Your original selling dealer, Your repairing Authorized Dealer will,
where necessary, contact the original selling dealer.
2. What should you do if Your Vehicle becomes inoperative or unsafe as a result of a Mechanical
& Electrical Breakdown covered by this Extended Warranty?
If Your Vehicle cannot be driven, or cannot be driven safely, you should
Contact an Authorized Dealer as soon as possible to arrange any necessary repairs.
3. What documentation should you present to the repairing Authorised dealer?

You must present this booklet along with the Service History Log to the repairing Authorised
4. Should you sign any documents when the repair has been completed? Yes you must sign the
repair invoice on completion of the required repair when collecting Your Vehicle to
acknowledge completion of the repair.
The Company may ask You to contribute towards the repair costs if the type of repair being
performed will restore Your Vehicle, to a better condition, than that prior to the Mechanical &
Electrical Breakdown. You may be asked to contribute towards the repair costs when the repair
includes new or replacement parts, which in our opinion, are in excess of what is required to
repair the covered component under this extended warranty. If in doubt, you should consult an
Authorised Dealer at the time of making a claim.
There will be some instances where repairs cannot be authorized until the Vehicle has been
dismantled. In these cases, the Company will need your authority to dismantle the Vehicle for
proper diagnosis prior to commencing any repairs. Provided that the problem is covered by this
Extended Warranty, repairs will be authorized. In instances where the problem is not covered
by this Extended Warranty, You shall be responsible for all costs associated with dismantling
the Vehicle.
The Company may cancel this warranty where the Vehicle Owner has not fully complied with
the terms & conditions of the warranty.

We shall be entitled to terminate this Extended Warranty with immediate effect, if:
a. in our reasonable opinion or that of an Authorised Dealer, the odometer fitted to
Your Vehicle appears to have been tampered with in any way; or
b. Your Vehicle is declared a total loss/write off by an insurance
Company or equivalent.
This Extended Warranty excludes liability for any incidental or consequential damage incurred
as a result of a defect covered by this Extended Warranty including but not limited to
inconvenience, cost of transportation, telephone calls, accommodation costs, loss of income and
damage to property. We do not approve and/or endorse any third party modifications or
enhancements to the engine management system on Your Vehicle. Any consequential damage
as a result of such modifications/enhancements are not covered by this warranty.
The indemnity provided by this policy shall not apply in respect of judgments which are not in
the first instance obtained from a Court of competent jurisdiction within the Geographical Area,
nor to orders obtained in the said Court for the enforcement of judgment made outside the
Geographical Area whether by way of reciprocal agreements or otherwise.
All disputes shall be referred to the decision of an Arbitrator to be appointed in writing by both
parties or if they cannot agree upon a single arbitrator, to the decision of two arbitrators of whom
one shall be appointed in writing by each of the parties and in case of disagreement between
the arbitrators before entering on the reference, and an award by arbitration shall be a condition

precedent to any right of action against the Company as regards any dispute regarding the
amount of the Company’s liability under this Extended Warranty.
No one is entitled to make a claim or receive a benefit from this warranty except the Vehicle
Owner. At the Company’s sole discretion the Company may permit transfer to a new owner if
the Vehicle Owner sells the Vehicle provided the Company is notified within 30 days of the
Vehicle sale. Transfer may be accepted providing it is made on a private individual basis.

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