How does having car warranties increase the value of your vehicle?

increase car value with warranty

Nowadays most of us have purchased warranties for our car, but do we really know how having the car warranties increases the value of your vehicle.

If you are the one who is constantly breaking your mind to identify how car warranties add value to your vehicle, then you have landed right.

In this blog, we have clearly stated various ways in which car warranties can potentially increase the value of your vehicle and why purchasing it is highly important.


The resale value rises with warranties

When selling or trading the car, having a warranty can make your vehicle more attractive to buyers and will eventually help to reach greater selling value. Buyers generally tend to invest more in cars with warranties on the secondary market which adds value to your vehicle.

Whether you are planning to keep or trade-in your car, having auto warranties is always beneficial to your vehicle. In a competitive market, a warranty can be a differentiating factor.

Without proper car warranties, your car would be similar to others in the secondary market which would eventually decrease its value.

You may get long-term coverage with extended warranties

Extended car warranties offer coverage beyond the standard manufacturer warranty which eventually enhances the value of your vehicle by providing long-term coverage. Throughout the warranty period, the vehicle owner will take all essential steps to provide proper maintenance for the vehicle to avoid claim rejection.

So routine maintenance that you take up to keep your warranty valid will also keep your vehicle in good condition.

Transferable warranties add up value to your car

If your car warranty is transferable to a new owner, this can significantly enhance the vehicle’s value if you are planning to sell it during the warranty period. A potential buyer may view a transferable warranty as an added bonus because they need not worry about the future repair costs that arise after purchasing it.

A warranty may speed up the sale of your vehicle

A car with a warranty might sell more quickly than one without. Buyers may be more inclined to make a purchase when they know that the vehicle is covered which would eventually lower the time your car remains unsold in the market. This is one of the greatest advantages that vehicle owners may have by having warranties for their car with added value to your vehicle.

Getting high-standard repairs

Throughout the warranty period, one will get their cars repaired only at the authorized network of service centers approved by their warranty provider. These networks of workshops will have only experienced technicians who will provide high-standard repairs for your car.

The type of warranty that you choose for your car may vary depending on the coverage you need, budget and the overall condition of the car.

It is important to take enough time to analyze the reputation of the warranty provider to make an informed decision. Always be transparent about the warranty details when selling a car, as honesty and clarity contribute to a positive experience.


We make sure our customers get the best warranty coverage for their vehicles, which adds value to their vehicles and also makes vehicle maintenance easier while reducing their annual vehicle maintenance costs.

To know more about new car warranty, used car warranty or extended car warranty plans, just dial 971 501 604 953.

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