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Buy an extended warranty on electronics from MP Warranties and get product repair or replacement guarantee on all your electronics purchases. The electronics extended warranties offered by us are just what you need to ensure peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to worry about spending hefty amount of money should something go wrong with your home electronics.

Protect Your Assets with A Home Electronics Warranty From MP Warranties

Electronics are an integral part of our lives today and a lot of our daily functions depend on them. But we do know that electronics can and do malfunction, and that is why an Electronics Warranty plan from us is your guarantee that your expensive electronics are covered.

Our plan covers the repair or replacement expenses of the insured good due to breakdown or malfunction beyond the Manufacturer’s warranty period for an additional minimum period of 12 months, depending on the warranty program given period.

This extended warranty on electronics comes into effect the day after the date of the manufacturer warranty ends and shall remain in force for min 12 months from that date. The only condition is that you need to purchase the MP Electronics warranty plan at the time of purchasing the brand new goods from the retailer.

Since frequent breakdown of the electronic appliances are common, when you have extended warranties on the home electronics, you can enjoy the full benefits of the appliances without the fear of failure and the rising repair costs.

In the unfortunate situation when your electronic appliances breakdown through our warranty packages you can get the work done in the promised timelines without paying out from your pockets.

We cover a comprehensive range of electronics goods and below are the list of items we cover:

Goods List:

White Appliances Cooking  appliances:  Cooker,  Oven,  Microwave, Cover;  Dish  washer;  Washing  machine,  Spin  or  tumble  dryers, washer, Refrigerators:  American  type,  normal  type,  one   or two doors fridge/freezer, freezers.


Built-in domestic appliances Cooker hood; Electric water heaters


Televisions (TVs) Standard CRT, LCDs, LED TV plasma TVS, widescreen projections, Combos: TV and DVD or TV and VCR devices, Home theatres.


Video  devices Video  players,  DVD  player,  DVD  recorder  Blu Ray Player; Audio devices: Hi-FI.


Brown  nomad  appliances Audio  devices:  Car  audio  devices,

Discman  players,  MP3,  MP4  players,  IPods  and  other  small audio portable devices

Cameras Photo and camcorders
Gaming Consoles Play Station, X Box, Nintendo and others
Grey  appliances PCs LCD  or  LED  monitor;  Printer;  Scanner; Multimedia HDD; Multifunction (fax, scanner, printer)


Grey Nomad appliances Laptop, tablets, smartphones, E-book readers, Navigator;  Portable  HDD,  multimedia  card,  High  capacity USB


SHA (Small Home Appliances) Vacuum  Cleaner;  Deep  fryer; Culinary robot; Coffee maker; Home bakery; Pressure washers


Air Conditioning Fix  air  conditioning;  Portable  air  conditioning  and chilling units

The standard Electronics warranty cover is applicable in the following situations:

And does not cover the below claims:

  • Physical (cosmetic) damage
  • Damage during commercial use
  • Intentional damage


The claim process involves very simple steps:

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