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Smart Body Repair Warranty

Most car owners are inclined to keep their cars in showroom condition in order to maximize their resale value. Hence, it makes sense to offer your car customers the SMART Body Repair Warranty from us.

The name SMART comes from Small Medium Area Repair Technology. Using new and innovative tools, it is now possible to remove minor dents, scratches, bumps etc. from your car, thus keeping it prim and proper.

Tyre Warranty

Consumers may ask, why is purchasing a tyre warranty important?

Well, the answer is because tyres are not normally covered by vehicle warranties, and when you buy new tyres, it is the tyre manufacturer who covers the warranty. However, there are limitations to what the manufacturer warranty covers.

Most tyre warranty by manufacturers offers protection against the premature tyre wear or manufacturing defects only. Hence purchasing an additional tyre warranty is recommended for total coverage to avoid expensive tyre repair or replacement.

Extended Warranty Plans Consumer

Our extended warranty packages are especially designed with comprehensive features to give you numerous advantages in cost saving and to give you the comfort that if something goes wrong, your vehicle is protected with the best extended warranty plan in UAE

Our comprehensive coverage can cover all major components of your vehicle including warranty coverage on,

Extended Warranty Plans Business

When you customers want to select an Extended Warranty Plan for their vehicle, choosing the right Extended Vehicle Protection Plan is the most important step in the buying process.

You can offer the MPW Extended Warranty to owners of European, American, Japanese & Korean car brands which add value and new revenue to your business.

 About MP  Warranties

MP Warranties started in the UAE in 2018. MP Warranties company with its own claim’s administration provider in the Gulf region. We carry the prestigious guarantee of excellence in quality management.

We provide full fledge commitment to their clients. Our belief is to follow a customer centric approach by always putting the customers first. MP Warranties started their operations in UAE providing warranty for NEW and Used cars. This entails covering them for unexpected breakdowns as well as expenditure that customers have to bare. This is all under the Takaful Insurance.

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