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When you purchase the car your primary aim is to keep it new and ensure smooth performance as long as possible. So you need to spend some amount on maintaining your car at its best. Extended warranty packages save you from the huge repair bills after your manufacturer safety warranty ends.

Have you ever been stuck with the question do you want extended warranty protection for your car and are confused in making the best decision, this blog will completely provide you with a good answer.

Can you believe it, as the years pass the cost of automotive maintenance is constantly increasing and adds additional stress to the owners to keep their vehicle in the perfect condition in an economical way. So you can have peace of mind with the extended warranty packages.

You would be having the constant question in mind about the extended warranty plans when you are in the situation to buy warranty packages for your car?

Purchasing the extended warranty packages is a wise idea if you are planning to keep your car in the long run. Though the cost of the warranty packages is higher they will save your money on maintenance in the long run.

When you take your car from the showroom, it has some standard warranty packages which covers any major repair or replacement for a certain period of time depending on the manufacturer. When this standard warranty package get over, almost this will be the time when your car starts to face some issues you need to face with expensive repair and replacement. In this situation extended warranty packages come as the best choice to help you out in this situation.

You can purchase the extended warranty packages either when you purchase the car itself or after some time when your standard warranty plan is over. The decision solely depends on the owner.

In many cases, the cost of the extended warranty packages you choose depends on the model, condition and the mileage of your car. So it is better to discuss with the warranty provider to find the best fit for you after analyzing all the parameters. Nowadays most warranty providers provide instant quotes to make your decision easier.

What are five parameters that describe how worthy the extended warranty packages you choose are?

  • Cost
  • Level of protection or coverage
  • Years of protection
  • Company reputation
  • Customer service of your provider
  • Easy claims process to avoid stress in the unexpected situation.

What are the benefits of purchasing the extended warranty packages?

  • Buying extended warranty packages is like spending small amounts to protect your premium purchase in the long run.
  • Repairs are often costlier than the extended warranty packages so it is always the best option to purchase them.
  • They can offer you complete peace of mind from the expensive repair bills and unexpected breakdowns.
  • When you have an extended warranty package for your car, the resale value of it gets automatically increased.

What are the factors I should check for when purchasing the extended warranty packages especially from the third-party warranty providers?

  • Make sure they offer guarantees for certain works and replacements.
  • It is good to know whether genuine spare parts are used.
  • Make sure the reliable services are offered by the professional experts.
  • Carefully have a look at their coverage options and pricing

Third-party warranty providers come with different coverage options in the extended warranty packages at different pricing levels despite the age of the vehicle. You can either purchase it before the existing warranty package ends or after it is exhausted. Customers have a wide selection option when it comes to warranty packages with independent providers like us.

One of the important advantages of having the warranty packages from an independent provider like us is that they offer the maximum coverage at competitive pricing with many additional benefits to ensure the perfect protection for your car.

Questions I should ask myself before purchasing the extended warranty packages for my car?

Purchasing the extended warranty packages is one of the biggest decisions to make while thinking about automotive maintenance. So there are certain questions you must clear off before purchasing them.

  • Check for the online reviews and other facilities like roadside side assistance, towing services provided by your warranty provider?
  • Think twice about whether the warranty packages you purchase are worth the money?
  • Do check for what is covered and excluded in your warranty plan? Because it is important to note that most of the wear and tear damages are not covered in many.
  • Make sure you need the warranty packages by comparing them with the history of your repair costs and the warranty pricing?
  • Check the reputation of the warranty providers and make sure whether they are transferable?
  • How long the extended warranty provides protection to your vehicle is also an important parameter to be checked for.

Apart from all the above questions, remember that purchasing the extended warranty packages is not a forceful act, it depends on the customer’s decision based on the condition of their car.

If you are looking for the best warranty providers in and around Dubai & Abu Dhabi contact MP warranties. We offer better protection for your car with professional service experts and an easy claims process in the long run.

At MP warranties we do have a wide selection of extended warranty packages through which you can choose the best based on the needs of your vehicle. The important point is that whatever may be the coverage level you choose from us, the quality of service and the genuine parts are assured. This makes us the best warranty provider in the UAE.

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