Pre-purchase questions to ask your car warranty provider?

pre-purchase inspection question

When considering purchasing car warranties, we all have numerous questions running into our minds. The only way to clear all the doubts is to have a deep talk with your warranty provider which is the only source to gain the information about their reliability and warranty purchase options you have.

In this blog, we shall check out a few important questions that you must put forward to your warranty provider before signing the warranty contract.

The most important information you need to get from your car warranty provider

Coverage details of the warranties

Take time to speak with your warranty advisor about the specific components and systems that are covered by the warranty. This will help you to make a better purchase decision that suits your vehicle requirements and budget.

It is also important to talk to your provider about the list of things excluded from the warranty coverage and stay aware of the actions that would void your car warranties.

Enquire mileage limits

Ask every single question about the duration of the warranty coverage whether in terms of mileage limits or kilometers.

Deductibles if any

Make sure there are any deductibles that you need to pay while approaching for covered repairs. If yes, get the complete details about the amount that you need to pay per visit or per repair. Having the complete details about it will help you avoid the hidden charges.

Claims process

Your warranty provider is the only source where you can get clear information about the ways to initiate the claims. Also, enquire about the network of service centers where you can get your cars repaired throughout the warranty period.

Warranty transferability: is it possible?

Asking about warranty transferability is highly important because this would be highly helpful if you sell the car before the coverage expires. If transferring the warranty is possible, enquire about the cost associated with it.

Roadside assistance support

Are emergency roadside assistance support included in your car warranty packages is one of the most important question that should be checked with your car warranty provider as it provides greater support during an emergency.

Mode of payment

Each of us would be convenient with different modes of payment, so it is essential to enquire about the different payment options for the warranty. So you can be prepared to make the payment before signing the warranty contract in a hassle-free way.


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