Why do extended car warranty packages not cover wear and tear damages?

Extended car Warranty

Many people consider an extended warranty as the best option for the purchase of new or used vehicles. With extended car warranties, you can have your vehicle repaired at a low cost when your vehicle breaks down or faces some mechanical issues.

Saving money on automotive repairs and offering complete peace of mind to the customers are two important goals of the extended warranty company.

You may have noticed the disclaimer in the extended warranty package regarding wear and tear damages being excluded and became confused. In this blog let us look in detail at the exclusion of wear and tear damages in the extended car warranty plans.

Major confusion prevails among the customers when it comes to what is covered and excluded by the car warranty packages during the issues caused by the breakdown or the wear and tear damages.

What is wear and tear?

Wear and tear is the deterioration or damage caused to certain components due to normal usage or exposure. When it comes to the wear and tear damages certain items are not covered by the extended warranty packages. Mostly this includes brake pads, rotors, shocks, struts, belt, hoses and spark plugs because these kinds of components need to be replaced at the regular interval and are included in the normal maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

To understand the exclusions in the extended warranty plans read the fine print carefully and review it with the perfect care so that you can get to know exactly what is covered in it.

Extended warranty plans do not cover the damage to certain mechanical components caused due to extended usage or misuse by the owners. In such cases, the claims made will be rejected by your warranty companies.

It is necessary to understand that car warranty plans do not cover the breakdowns due to wear and tear, external damage or issues that existed even before the purchase of the extended warranty plan.

The list of things that are not covered by the extended car warranties plans includes,

  • Wear and tear components
  • Issues caused due to aftermarket modification
  • Damages caused due to the environmental factors
  • Damages as a result of accidents or misuse
  • Issues caused due to the lack of proper maintenance
  • Unauthorized repairs on the parts that are not covered
  • Routine maintenance and service

With MP Warranties car warranty plans with a different level of coverage for the new and used vehicles which can be customized based on your requirements and the budget.

What are the car parts and components that are typically covered under the extended car warranties

Most of the important parts of the car like the engine, transmission, drive axle, turbo/supercharger, electrical systems, cooling systems, air conditioning systems, fuel system, brake, steering and suspension are covered by the extended warranty plans.

Things that one must consider before purchasing the extended car warranties plans in Dubai & Abu Dhabi,

  • Enquire and review about the company
  • Check for the coverage level and the length
  • Evaluate the services provided by the warranty company
  • Check for the possibility of transferring the warranty packages in such cases when you plan to sell your car
  • Warranty exclusions must not be taken into account
  • Quality records, claim settlement ratio in the past and customer feedback must be checked.

All the above-mentioned things may seem to be simple, but taking them into account, will help you to purchase the best car warranty plans on the market.

One of the common mistakes which people make is purchasing the wrong coverage for your car and increasing the chance that it may not be used in the future. So be aware of it and don’t make decisions in the haste

How to purchase the extended warranty plans in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with MP Warranties?

With MP Warranties, purchasing the extended  warranty plan in the UAE is no more a hassle. Select a plan that suits your needs and requirements by having a talk with our warranty advisor and complete the payment and enjoy the wide range of services provided by our team under the car warranty plans.

We strongly analyse the age, mileage, make and model of the vehicle and suggest the best extended warranty packages that fits all your needs and requirements.

Call us at 04 286 6222 or drop us an email at info@mpwarranties.com to schedule your appointment with us. We are ready to answer all your queries related to purchasing the extended warranty plans in the UAE.

With us, your car is protected anytime anywhere! So you can be free of the stress towards the electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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