Audi Warranty

Our Audi car warranty plans in United Arab Emirates will give you peace of mind

If you own a high-performance and luxurious car such as Audi, you will be thinking of all the possible ways to render the proper maintenance and protection to it. Firstly providing your Audi with comprehensive protection despite the mileage after its factory warranty ends is our responsibility. We will assure you with the complete peace of mind on the roads in addition to lowering your maintenance cost. The only way to provide your car with better shielding is opting for Audi extended warranty coverage in the UAE.

The rising repair costs increases the risk of spending huge amounts on repairs or replacements needed for your Audi.  whether it may be a new or used car, when you have the right protection; maintenance can be made easier.

We provide the most beneficial Audi car warranty in UAE based on your requirements for both the new and the used cars.

What is covered under MP Warranties Audi car warranty plans in UAE?

We extended our coverage to all the important parts of your Audi like the engine, transmission, air conditioning system, fuel system, certain electrical system, brake system, suspension and many more. The level of coverage you choose may differ based on the package you opt

When you visit us to purchase the extended warranty, based on inspection of your vehicle, model, wear and tear of the parts, our warranty advisor would suggest you the best Audi car warranty coverage at affordable pricing.

Further to avoid unnecessary expenses on tyre repair or replacement beyond manufacturer warranty, we do offer Audi tyre warranty plans.

Contact MP Warranties to purchase warranty in the UAE.

Contact us at 04 286 6222 or if you want to purchase new or used Audi car warranty plans. We will reach out to you immediately to offer better protection for your Audi in a pocket-friendly way. We are the perfect choice for Audi warranties with an easy claims process in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

With us, you can purchase the car warranty plans at nominal prices in a hassle-free way for all models.  Further additional perks like 24/7 roadside assistance and towing support are always guaranteed with us.

Finally, we strive to protect your investment in all possible ways so you can enjoy your ride on the roads.

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