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Comprehensive electric car warranty plans in United Arab Emirates from MP Warranties

Though electric cars require less maintenance, it is not exceptional for mechanical or electrical breakdowns. Certain important parts in the electric car undergo wear and tear damages, for which the repair or replacement may need a hefty amount when compared to traditional fuel cars that is why the electric car warranty is mandatory.

Though the electric cars come with the factory warranty while you purchase it is always a wise idea to get the electrical vehicle extended warranty coverage to offer perfect shielding to your EV components and make its maintenance easier.

Know more about our electric car warranty packages in the UAE before purchasing: MP Warranties

Our comprehensive EV warranty packages in UAE cover the components like,

  • Electrical components like generator, lithium battery, electric motor & plug adaptors
  • Front and rear drive axle
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Alternator components
  • Air conditioning and heating system

Similar to warranty plans for the new or used traditional fuel cars, we do have different warranty plans for the electric cars showing slight differences in their coverage level and cost.

So our electric vehicle warranty advisor will provide you with the complete details about the coverage level of the plan you choose and will guide you to find the best fit for your car.

If you are looking for the best electric car warranty in United Arab Emirates then trust us.

Provide you with complete peace of mind

At MP Warranties, we do have electric car warranty plans that are customized specifically based on the customer’s needs and budget. So with the electric car extended warranty packages, you can be on complete peace of mind on the roads.

Saves you from the huge annual repair costs of your electric car

Finding qualified mechanics to handle your electric cars in the UAE is quite difficult which is made further tough with the constant rising repair and labor charges. But with our electric car extended warranty plans, you can handle unexpected repair bills in a smart way.

The resale value of your car is retained

Having the electric extended car warranty packages not only makes your maintenance easier but also increases the value of your car in the resale market.

Electric vehicle specialists are always available at our in-house service center

MP Warranties offers electric vehicle warranty packages that will allow you to get your vehicle repaired at our in-house service center almost the same day from the specialists if any mishap occurs. So you can be stress-free.

A longer battery life for electric vehicles without having to spend a lot on repairs

An electric vehicle’s battery is a crucial component that requires a lot of money when it needs to be repaired or replaced. A battery can be protected for many years with our comprehensive electric vehicle warranty packages.

Now that you’ve looked at the benefits of EV warranty plans, let’s help you select the plan that’s right for you. Get a free quote, personalize your coverage, and pick a plan. Call now or send your inquiry below to know more about our EV  warranty packages.

Learn more about EV batteries & its warranty

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