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Get benefited with the best tyre warranty plans in the UAE with MP Warranties

Consumers may ask, why is purchasing a tyre warranty important?

Well, the answer is because tyres are not normally covered by vehicle warranties, and when you buy new tyres, it is the tyre manufacturer who covers the warranty. However, there are limitations to what the manufacturer warranty covers.

Most tyre warranty by manufacturers offers protection against the premature tyre wear or manufacturing defects only. Hence purchasing an additional tyre warranty is recommended for total coverage to avoid expensive tyre repair or replacement.

Our Tyre warranty plan ensures that the vehicle tyres are safeguarded beyond the manufacturer warranty and additionally the following tyre cover is included:

  1. Should any of your tyres suffer an unforeseen deflation then we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.
  2. Covers your tyre against malicious damage too should someone intentionally puncture it
  3. No mileage limit per tyre

For your quick quote or for more details, please send us your inquiry below or contact our tyre warranty specialist today on 04 883 4040 or email: info@mpwarranties.com

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