Smart Body Repair Warranty

Purchase the smart body repair warranty plans at the most competitive prices in the UAE

Car owners do like to maintain the showroom like body condition of their car, and keep its resale value high. Hence, it makes sense to offer your car customers the SMART Body Repair Warranty from us.

The name SMART comes from Small Medium Area Repair Technology. Using new and innovative tools, it is now possible to remove minor dents, scratches, bumps etc. from your car, thus keeping it prim and proper.

Most cars in the region do suffer from minor body issues – SMART body repairs now allows these issues to be fixed in quick time and the car can look as good as new.

MP Warranties offers a special SBR warranty package at very competitive rates to dealers, which you can sell at a margin.

The process to claim the policy is also simple. If the minor repair job is as per the terms and conditions of the policy, the covered car owners can visit the authorized service centre and perform the repair. Customers can even claim the warranty anytime that they book their service at our authorized service centres, so both the service and SMART body repair can happen at the same time. They get their car looking and running great too.

Some distinct advantages of the MP Warranties SBR Warranty cover are;

  • The car can be sold as a new with the minor dents and paint repaired with SBR
  • No police report required to perform the job
  • Better resale value for the car

Note: painting of the vehicle is not covered

To know more about this car warranty policy and get a quote for your customers, please contact us or send us your inquiry.

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