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MP Warranties – One of The Most Reputable Extended Car Warranty Companies in Dubai

Our automobile extended warranty plans are especially designed with comprehensive features to give you numerous advantages in cost saving and to give you the comfort that if something goes wrong, your vehicle is protected with the best extended car warranty plan in Dubai.

Our comprehensive coverage can cover all major components of your vehicle including warranty coverage on,

  • Engine
  • Transmission – Manual and Automatic & CVT
  • Torque Converter
  • Differential
  • Steering System
  • Suspension – Front, Rear and 4×4
  • Prop Shaft
  • Turbo Charger (factory fitted)
  • Electricals (ECU) /Technology
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Air conditioning
  • Fuel system
  • Brakes and ABS

We Offer Comprehensive & Customized Extended Warranty Plans for Cars

Depending on the vehicle condition, mileage and duration covered and the pay-out claim amount, we offer extended warranty plans for both new and pre-owned cars as follows:

New Car Extended warranty price starts from AED 3,200/- for Japanese & Korean cars and  AED 4,200/-  for American and European makes.

We offer two types of New Extended Warranty Car plans:

  • Gold Executive Plan –

Download the full Gold Executive warranty coverage details here.

  • Silver Plan –

Download the full Silver warranty coverage details here.

Pre-owned car warranty price starts from AED 1,600/-  only for Japanese/ Korean vehicles and  AED 2,200/-  for American /European make vehicles.

We offer four different options in Extended warranty plans to choose from:

  • Gold Executive Plan –

Download the full Gold Executive warranty coverage details here.

  • Silver Plan –

Download the full Silver warranty coverage details here.

  • Bronze Plan –

Download the full Bronze warranty coverage details here.

  • 3 Star –

Download the full 3 Star warranty coverage details here.

Not convinced yet? Well, here are 5 reasons why an extended warranty for used cars from MP Warranties is the smart choice for you:

Reason #1: A Warranty plan is like a hedge against inflation and big repair bills

With a MP Warranties plan, you not only cover yourself from unexpected high repair bills but also lock the cost at today’s rates. With an MP Warranties plan, you can avoid paying higher amount for inflation on repair charges and the high spare parts prices.

Reason #2: It’s a smart investment

MP Warranties’ plans pertaining to extended warranties for cars are for the smart planner. These packages act like a factory warranty. This means if something goes wrong unexpectedly, the plan pays for the repair costs, as per the limit of the plan.

Surprisingly, sometimes just one minor repair job on your luxury vehicle costs more than the cost of our warranty package which protects your car for up to 3 years.

Reason #3: Your car’s value is maintained on resale

A buyer will always pay more for a car that has a valid warranty coverage. So, having a MP Warranties plan actually pays for itself when you put your car for sale.

Reason #4: We have a Warranty Plan that’s perfect for you.

At MP Warranties, we have custom warranty plans to suit all types of warranty requirements. Whether you are looking for Toyota extended warranty plans or Ford extended warranty plans, we’ve got it all for you. We also offer Porsche, Lexus, Land Rover and GMC extended warranty plans. Call our Warranty expert to get the plan that meets your budget and coverage needs.

Reason #5: Our No-Hassle warranty claims procedure.

With our aim to get your vehicle back on the road in optimum performance condition as fast as possible, our claim procedure is super simplified.

Now that you’ve looked at the benefits of car warranty plans, lets help you select the plan that’s right for you. Get a free quote, personalize your coverage, and pick a plan. Don’t hesitate to ask our Warranty Program expert for help. Call now or send your inquiry below.

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