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In recent days, electric vehicle usage has increased and people have begun to feel more comfortable with it due to the rise of charging stations and electric car service centers near them, which were previously a huge inconvenience.

Electric cars have some important components like batteries, EV motors and the charging port. The battery is the most important component of the electric car and is responsible for supplying the whole power needed for performance.

Electric car batteries are designed in a way that it lasts longer but however similar to other rechargeable batteries they degrade over time.

That is why it is always good to purchase an electric car warranty, so you can have complete peace of mind. But it is always essential to understand what your electric car battery warranty covers and the ways to extend its lifespan.

Does the EV battery need more maintenance and how to extend its lifespan?

EV batteries do not require repairs more often. But the battery performances are affected due to various issues like high temperatures, overcharging, deep discharges causing complete draining of the batteries and many more.

You can extend the lifespan of your electric vehicle battery by doing certain things like not charging it up to 100% every time. At the same time, it is not advised to allow your electric vehicle battery to reach 0% so charging it to the optimum level of 80% is recommended.

Try to avoid parking your EV under direct sunlight because extreme temperatures can cause damage to your EV battery.

Why do electric car batteries get worn out?

EV batteries discharge energy while driving and it again gets charged up. A series of chemical and heat cycles occur during this process. Which when constantly lasting over many years causes the degradation of batteries.

Is it essential to have electric car battery warranty plans?

It does not matter what model of electric vehicle you hold, it is essential to enquire about the battery coverage and what it includes and doesn’t.

Usually, in many cases, an electric vehicle warranty comes with battery coverage based on the plans you choose, but if not you can purchase it as an add-on cover.

Since the replacement of electric car batteries is expensive, having warranty plans to protect it is one of the smarter decisions to make when it comes to EV maintenance.

Usually, manufacturers offer warranties to protect your electric car batteries. In general, these warranties are valid for a certain number of years or for a certain number of miles, and then they expire. After which you can purchase extended electric car battery warranties from reputed third-party car warranty companies.

Why choose MP Warranties to purchase the electric car warranty packages?

There are various reasons to choose MP Warranties for providing your vehicle with the better protection that it deserves. Some are listed below,

  • They offer complete peace of mind so that you stay confident on the roads with your electric vehicle
  • Quality repairs and replacement can be done by certified technicians specialized in electric vehicles at the well-equipped service center.
  • The battery life can be extended to the greater extent
  • Since our car warranty packages come with instant claims, no doubt that it is a smarter purchase.
  • Better coverage for a long period is always guaranteed at the competitive prices

What do our comprehensive EV warranty packages cover?

Our comprehensive electric vehicle warranty package coverage includes everything like electrical components such as generators, lithium-ion batteries, electric motors, adaptors and many other components like drive axle, suspension, air conditioning system, steering and others.

Call us at 042866222 or drop us an email at info@mpwarranties.com to know more about our car warranty plans in the UAE or get an instant quote.

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