MP Warranties provide extended warranty packages for all the top brands

warranty for top brands

If you hold any luxury cars or the top branded cars and are looking for the perfect extended warranty packages to protect them then you have landed at the right spot.

If you are looking for the right spot to learn and discover more about the extended warranty packages for the new and used cars then the ideas from our expert warranty advisors depicted here will be highly beneficial.

It is also important to learn about what is not covered by the extended warranty packages so that it would be easy for you to make the decision.

  • Damages or corrosion caused due to the misuse, alterations or any accidents is not covered by any sort of extended warranty package.
  • Similarly, damages or corrosions caused due to environmental factors like acid rain, floods, windstorm, stones and others are also excluded.
  • Issues caused due to the lack of proper maintenance as per the manufacturer’s guidelines or the improper maintenance like not using the specified fuel, oil or lubricants are also not counted.
  • Normal wear and tear damages cannot be sorted out with the help of extended warranty packages.
  • General periodical maintenance costs like oil changes and exterior appearance care like polishing, PPF installation and ceramic coating are not included in the extended warranty packages.

The coverage level of the extended warranties differs based on the plan you choose and the provider you trust.

Extended warranty plans from MP Warranties cover most of the important components like engine, transmission, air conditioning system, fuel system, braking system, electrical system, cooling system, suspension and the steering system. But remember the extent to which you are covered among them depends on the plan you finalized with our service advisors.

Is purchasing the extended warranty packages quite difficult?

In general, since there are many third-party extended warranty providers, analyze them carefully and find trusted warranty companies so you can be in complete peace of mind throughout the warranty period.

Whatever may be the brand or the model you hold, try to purchase the extended warranty packages before the standard warranty expires to cut down the cost of the warranty plans.

Purchasing the extended warranty packages for both the new and the used car is now made instant with the MP Warranties. When you bring your vehicle to us, our warranty advisor will thoroughly inspect your car and provide customized extended warranty packages based on the needs and requirements of your car at an affordable price without any kind of trouble to you.

But before purchasing the warranty packages make sure you completely understand the coverage level and that the benefits outweigh the amount that you spend on the extended warranty packages.

In what way extended warranty packages are different from the standard warranty plans?

Unlike standard warranty packages, extended warranty packages are optional and can be purchased at any point of time.

You can customize both the coverage level and the coverage period based on your budget and the needs and requirements

Even if you have declined to purchase the extended warranty packages at the time when you purchase your car, you can purchase the extended warranty plans during the course of time or after the factory warranty ends.

What is the difference between extended warranty plans and car insurance?

Extended warranty packages are often confused with the insurance plans.Though both provide the protection to your car, the situation which can be used and the coverage level differs to the greater extent.

One main key difference between the extended warranty plans and the car insurance is that while extended warranty packages cover the cost of repair or replacement of certain electrical and mechanical components the insurance plans provide coverage or protection only during  accidents or manmade disasters.

Apart from extended warranty packages what are the other things provided by MP Warranties?

Besides providing the beneficial extended warranty packages MP Warranties provides smart body repair warranty, service packages, tyre warranty and the home electronic warranty packages.

Finally, should you get an extended warranty for your car?

The answer to this question depends on the individual and the condition of the vehicle.

All the plans may not be beneficial and some may not meet your requirements and would be costlier. So don’t make a decision in haste, analyze several plans and find the best one that suits both your needs and budget.

If you are looking for the best car warranty provider in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with the best coverage level along with the additional perks like 24/7 roadside assistance and towing support then contact MP Warranties.

Drop us an email at or contact us at 042866222 our warranty advisors will provide you with the instant extended warranty quote as per your request.

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