Extended Warranty For Used Cars: Do you need one?

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If you do not have much idea about the extended warranty packages, and if you are having a used car with you or planning to buy a preowned vehicle there would be one common question in your mind whether the extended warranty packages for the used cars will be beneficial?

Though the extended warranty packages for your used cars provide better coverage for a longer period than the standard manufacturer warranty you have to think twice that money you spend on purchasing it is highly worthy based on the condition of your vehicle and it reduces your financial burden on car maintenance to a greater extent.

If you are purchasing a used car without any warranty coverage there are some third party providers and dealers that are providing the extended warranty packages for the used cars based on the mileage covered and the condition of the vehicle.

Though your car was well maintained previously, there would be some problems budding out due to the usage, without any coverage options paying out from the pockets for every repair and replacement of the used car is quite tough.

So nowadays used car owners are showing their interest to purchase the extended warranty packages for used cars so that they can be in complete peace of mind on the roads and this coverage option keeps up the values of the pre-owned vehicles or used cars.

The various other factors that determine the need for the protection of your car include its reliability, mileage covered and the issues that you have faced in the past.

Finding out the answers to the questions like how much monthly budget was spent on the maintenance of my car for a month & total cost spent on the repair and replacement in the past six months will help to identify whether purchasing the extended warranty packages for used cars will be beneficial and cut down your expenses.

Extended warranties for used cars offer everything like the standard manufacturer warranty and has a few additional benefits like extra coverage for the longer time period, roadside assistance and many others.

What are the factors that I should check for while purchasing the extended warranty for the used car?

  • What are the important mechanical and electrical components that are covered by my used car warranty packages?
  • Are there any additional or hidden costs that come along with my extended warranty packages for used cars? Is the claims process easy?
  • Does your used car warranty provider have a good network of service centers to offer qualified service support?
  • Whether the warranty provider you choose has good online reviews and positive customer feedback?
  • Make sure to analyze whether the cost of the extended warranty packages that you purchase for your used car is worthy? Answers to this question can be obtained by comparing the coverage level with the costs.

What are the benefits of buying used car warranty plans from third-party warranty providers?

When you purchase the used car warranty packages from the third-party warranty providers you can enjoy the benefits like,

  • Wide range of options for your vehicle service.
  • Huge support to specifically customize the warranty packages based on the condition and requirements of your car.
  • In most cases, third party extended warranty packages for the used cars are transferrable.
  • Most independent warranty providers offer 24/7 roadside assistance and towing services to provide maximum support during mechanical and electrical breakdowns.
Understand Purchasing Extended Warranty for Used Cars

It is very important to understand that purchasing the extended warranty package for a used car with the wrong coverage plan without any proper research will not be beneficial. These are the common mistakes which people do when they are in the urge to purchase the warranty packages or protection plans.

So it is always a wise idea to get a quote from two or more providers indicating the coverage level and price. So after comparing the quotes find out the best warranty package that is a perfect fit for both budget and your car requirements.

What are the factors that determine the cost of extended warranty packages for used cars in the UAE?

The various factors that determine the cost of the used car warranty packages include car brand, model, mileage covered, location, coverage level you choose and the time period of protection offered by the plan you choose.

How does the extended warranty for used cars increase the resale value?

When you are selling the car, having the extended warranty for the used car shows that you have taken a great effort and invested a huge amount of money and care in retaining the premium features of your car. This will indirectly create a positive impression about your car to the prospective buyer.

So having the extended warranty packages for the used cars is beneficial in both ways either if you are planning to sell the car or hold it for longer by keeping it in good condition.

A company that gives complete information about the warranty plans and has a friendly customer support team to answer all your queries anytime is always good to rely on for warranty purchases. MP Warranties provides the best extended warranty packages for the used car with maximum coverage and the easy claims process at the most competitive prices in the UAE.

Contact us at 042866222 or drop us an email at info@mpwarranties.aeto purchase the best extended warranty packages for used cars in the UAE.

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