Why is an extended car warranty plan from MP Warranties a safer choice?

car warranty plan

Our  car warranty plan will save you thousands of money and provide you with complete peace of mind. But purchasing it from the reputed car warranty company around you is highly important.

MP Warranties is one of the leading car warranty companies in the UAE, that offers tailored car warranty plans that act as the best fit with the condition of your vehicle and budget.

Whether it may be new or used car warranty packages, with us, you can get the best protection that your car deserves at the most competitive prices.

Why do people prefer extended warranties?

  • Your car is no longer under the factory warranty
  • Having a luxury car that is expensive to get the repairs or replacement done
  • If you have a used car that has covered more mileage and is frequently susceptible to more repairs.

This blog will give you the picture and the benefits of purchasing extended car warranty plans from MP warranties

Why purchase the extended car warranty plan from MP Warranty?

All warranty packages are not created equally, they differ in coverage level and pricing. So proper research is essential in purchasing car warranty plans that offer greater benefits. With years of experience in the automotive industry, MP warranties understands the needs of customers with modern vehicles, and our car warranty plans are designed accordingly. So choosing us is the smarter way of providing the perfect protection for your car.

Peace of mind

The goal of the MP Warranties is to provide better coverage for your vehicle at nominal prices so that you can be confident on the roads without the fear of hefty repair bills.

Added value to your car if you plan to sell

The car that is under the warranty period while you decide to sell creates a good impression among the prospective buyer that you have taken greater efforts to keep your car in good condition. Which ultimately increases the value of your car in the secondary market.


With the MP Warranties, you have a greater level of flexibility in choosing the coverage level and the length you want. So you can avoid landing on the exaggerated warranty policy and have greater financial control.

With MP Warranties, you can purchase extended warranties during any time of the lifespan of your car.

What makes MP Warranties extended car warranty plans so popular?

Certain important factors like coverage over the important powertrain components of the car, add-on covers if needed, transferable coverage, roadside assistance, towing support, increased length of coverage along with the additional perks like well established in house service centers, lower deductibles and discounts are the reasons why people around the UAE, constantly approach us to get the warranty plans for their cars despite of the make and model.

With MP Warranties, you can save a significant amount of money on warranty purchases compared to other options. But remember the quality of the services offered is never compromised.

MP Warranties ensures you the fastest claims and helps you to make the most informed decisions in opting for better plans by retaining their trust and transparency.

Using MP Warranties, what are the most important components that are covered?

All the important components of your car like the engine, transmission, differential, steering system, suspension, air conditioning system, fuel system and many others can be protected by our warranty plans. The coverage level may differ based on the warranty plan you choose and its pricing.

What are the factors that determine the cost of the extended car warranty plans from MP Warranties?

Numerous factors determine the cost of the extended car warranty plans like make, model, age and mileage covered by your vehicle along with other factors like coverage level and length.

Are there warranty plans available for electric cars with MP Warranties?

MP Warranties designed customized plans for electric cars warranty with better coverage over electric car batteries. Whatever electric car model you hold you can purchase the protection plans from MP Warranties without any second thoughts.

Call us at 042866222 or drop us an email at info@mpwarranties.com to talk with our warranty advisor or get the instant car warranty quote.

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