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Protect your car with our Jaguar warranty plan in the UAE

Jaguar is one of the greatest cars to own, if you have one you will be thinking of all possible ways to offer the protection for your car and have the trouble free ownership experience. This can be achieved through having the right Jaguar warranty coverage. One of the important things to consider purchasing the Jaguar extended warranty after the manufacturer warranty is because it provides comprehensive coverage against the unexpected electrical or mechanical failure and saves you from the rising repair costs.

At MP Warranties, with our customized Jaguar extended warranty in UAE you can get your car repaired by the experienced Jaguar specialists and replacement of the covered parts can be done with the genuine spare parts.

Jaguar extended warranty cost, coverage & additional perks : MP Warranties

Jaguar are expensive to maintain in the long run, but with the extended warranty plans with the right coverage maintenance can be made under your budget. The cost of the Jaguar extended car warranty depends on the various factors like coverage level you choose, coverage length and the age and the mileage covered by your car.

To cut down the cost of the extended car warranty plan it is always better to purchase it before your Jaguar manufacturer warranty ends.

With our Jaguar extended warranty packages some of the important components like engine, transmission, suspension, air conditioning system, engine cooling system, fuel system, brakes and many more can be protected to greater extent based on the courage level you choose.

MP Warranties: Right choice for your car warranty in UAE

Whether it may be the new or used Jaguar, we offer the best coverage at nominal prices along with the additional perks like free recovery services, instant claims process, same day repairs at our in house service center from the hands of the specialists and many more.

Call us at 04 286 6222 or drop us an email at to know more about our Jaguar extended warranty coverage options and costs.

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