Mercedes Warranty

Comprehensive Mercedes Benz warranty plans in United Arab Emrates

Using a customer-centric approach, our fully customized Mercedes Benz warranty on the new and used cars in UAE offer absolute reliability and flexibility to Mercedes owners across the country.

Why should one opt for the Mercedes Benz extended warranty packages ?

Mercedes extended warranty m ay seem like an additional expense, but remember that the annual repair costs of your Mercedes will be much higher than the warranty costs. So opting for a Mercedes warranty is always a wise idea.

At the same time don’t wait until the factory warranty expires or breakdowns occur. Whether it may be new or the Mercedes Benz warranty on the used cars, purchasing it at the earliest will save you from hefty repair bills in the future.

Benefits of purchasing the Mercedes Benz extended warranty packages with MP Warranties in UAE

  • With MP Warranties, you can get customized Mercedes warranty plans with maximum coverage at competitive prices.
  • Towing support and roadside assistance are provided to help you out during the unfortunate situation.
  • Instant online quote that provides you with the complete details about our Mercedes Benz extended warranty costs in the UAE.
  • Best in-house service center with Mercedes specialists to provide you with the dealership range repair or replacement of the covered parts.
  • Instant claims process, so that you no need to pay out from your pockets during mishaps.

What are the factors that determine the cost of the warranty packages for  Mercedes?

It may be a new or a pre-owned Mercedes, we offer customized warranty packages that meet all your requirements. The cost of the warranty plans depends on the

  • Age and the mileage level of your Mercedes
  • Coverage level and the length you choose
  • The fact that the factory warranty period persists or is completed also determines the warranty cost

Have a question about our Luxury car extended warranty packages in the UAE?

If you have any doubts regarding our coverage level on your new or used Mercedes, give us a call at 04 286 6222 our dedicated team will answer all your queries in a detailed way. When you visit us we would carefully inspect your car to suggest you the best warranty plans for your Mercedes.

Whether it may be Mercedes A Class, B Class, C Class, E Class, S Class or any other model better protection is guaranteed with MP Warranties in the UAE.

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