Rolls Royce Warranty

Experience complete peace of mind with our Rolls Royce warranty plans in the UAE

 If you purchase the new Rolls Royce it would come with the standard manufacturer warranty that lasts for a few years after which your car actually needs repairs or replacement. So if you are planning to provide the perfect protection for your Rolls Royce, after the manufacturer warranty it is always better to purchase the Rolls Royce extended warranty from the best car warranty company around you.

If you are planning to purchase the Rolls Royce extended warranty in UAE then MP Warranties is the perfect choice to provide the perfect shielding for your Rolls Royce that it deserves.

Why is it important to have the Rolls Royce warranty plans?

Usually, without the car warranty packages you need to take responsibility for the repair or replacement costs on your own after the factory warranty ends. Especially when it comes to high-end cars like Rolls Royce, the rising repair costs make your vehicle maintenance stressful without the extended warranty plans.

Rolls Royce extended warranty plans not only reduce your annual maintenance costs and provide the perfect shielding for your car but also increase the resale value of your car if you are planning to sell when it is under the extended warranty period.

What is covered under our Rolls Royce extended warranty packages in UAE?

Our Rolls Royce warranty packages for the new and the used cars extend its coverage to most of the important electrical and mechanical components of your car and take the responsibility to handle all the unforeseen repair expenses of the covered part.

Contact us today for the comprehensive Rolls Royce warranty plans in the UAE

To get further information regarding our Rolls Royce car warranty plans contact us at 04 286 6222 or send us an email at We are here to provide better coverage for any unexpected failure or repair of the covered parts with our premium Rolls Royce car warranty plans.

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