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Our used car warranty plans can give your car protection from the expensive repairs

Buying a used car may seem to be a great option since it always comes within the budget but remember to always choose the one that comes with the warranty. Unfortunately, if you have bought a used car or second-hand car without the warranty packages, don’t worry, we are here to help you with the best used car warranty packages in the UAE with the most comprehensive coverage at nominal pricing.

Why is it important to have a used car warranty or pre-owned car warranty in the UAE?

As we all know used cars are more prone to electrical or mechanical components due to wear and tear in the past, which is why it is important to have a warranty for used cars, to stay away from unexpected expensive auto repair bills.

We do have a wide range of auto warranty plans that fits your vehicle’s condition and budget, if you are in search of one for your used cars, then take a look at our wide range of warranty coverages for used cars.

We’re sure that you would be amazed by our coverage and pricing.

What makes us ideal for the used car warranty purchase in the UAE?

The most comprehensive electrical and mechanical coverage that we provide for all make and models of used cars irrespective of the mileage limits.
Easy claims process to reduce your stress during the unfortunate breakdown
Repairs and replacements are done by the experienced technicians at our well-equipped in-house service center during the warranty periods.



Coverage: Battery ( for hybrid cars), Engine, Transmission ( Manual & Automatic), Differential, Drive Axle


Coverage: Battery ( for hybrid cars), Engine, Transmission ( Manual & Automatic), Differential, Drive Axle, Air Conditioning, Turbocharger, Electrical and Engine Cooling System.

What is not covered by our pre-owned car warranty packages?

The charges associated with the routine maintenance of your used or pre-owned vehicle.
Repairs that are caused due to negligence or modifications of the car without the proper approval.
Damages caused due to the environmental factors like corrosion, cyclones and others are not included.

Purchasing the used car warranties in the UAE is quite simple, provide us with complete details about your car along with the registration document and others to get an instant quote for the pre-owned car warranty plans that fits with your vehicle and the budget.

The cost of the used car warranties usually differs based on the plans you choose and the coverage level you opt for. Purchasing the used car warranties with us is always economical and provides you with excellent protection for your car.

Yes, we do offer pre owned car warranties for all make and model of cars including the electric vehicles and the hybrid cars.

Investing in the pre owned car warranty is always beneficial and saves you the huge amount of money spent as annual repair costs.

Yes, you can contact us or visit us directly to get the used car warranty quote for the plans you choose.
Comprehensive warranty on used cars for your peace of mind. Protect your investment and drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is covered

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