Do transmission repairs are covered under warranty?

transmission warranty

Transmission is one of the most important and expensive car components and plays an important role in transferring the power from the engine to the car wheels.

If something goes wrong with the transmission you have to spend a huge amount of money to get the repairs sorted out, that is why it is always good to purchase the extended warranty packages after the factory warranty expires to make sure the repairs and the replacement of any of the expensive component in your car like transmission can be handled without any financial strains.

What are the important components of the car's transmission?

The transmission system includes some of the important components in it like the clutch, gearbox, rear axle, wheels, tires and many more.

How much does it take to fix the transmission repairs in your car?

Complete transmission replacement is one of the most expensive repairs that a car can have. Transmission repair can range anywhere from a few hundred AED to a few thousand AED based on the severity of the repairs.

That is why most service advisors constantly suggest getting constant preventive maintenance done for your car so that you can avoid any major repairs on the important components of the car like transmission, engine and many more.

Under what situations does an extended warranty take responsibility for your transmission repairs?

If the transmission repairs occur mainly due to the manufacturing defect or due to the failure of any components within it then you can make use of either the factory warranty or the extended car warranty.

If the damages in the transmission are mainly due to negligence, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear then having the warranty plans will not be helpful.

So if you are planning to purchase car warranties in the UAE, then read the fine print and make sure the expensive components in your car like the transmission are covered.

What are the most common problems that car transmissions can have?

Transmission can have a variety of car problems such as worn-out clutches, leakages, slipping gears, gear shifting problems, solenoid problems, clogged transmission filters and the low transmission fluid can even cause the engine to overheat and fail. So if you have any issues with the car transmission system visit your service advisor and get the issues sorted out immediately to avoid any further catastrophic damages to your car.

Does an extended car warranty cover all transmission repairs?

Most of the issues with the transmission are covered by extended warranties unless the repairs are caused due to negligence or you have skipped the regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

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