Car warranty coverages – how does it work?

car warranty coverage

Car warranties that are usually bought from the manufacturer or third parties usually act as a protective layer to the car that keeps us away from the expensive repair bills that may arise in the future.

Though the demand to purchase car warranties has greatly increased among people, it is essential to conduct thorough market research and choose the best car warranty plans that ensure maximum protection for your vehicle and come under your budget.


What is mostly included under car warranties?

Car warranties usually ensure the protection for the most important and expensive components of the car for a specific duration based on the plan and provider you choose. Certain car warranties usually come up with recovery support for their customers to keep them stress-free during emergency situations.

What is excluded by car warranties?

As a general rule of thumb, the car warranty does not cover damages due to wear and tear. Any repairs or replacement of components in the car that arise due to accidents, misuse or modification of the vehicle are not also included under the car warranties.

So whether you are purchasing new car warranties, used car warranties or extended car warranty plans, make sure to understand the inclusions and exclusions before making the better decision. This is highly important as it determines the level of benefits that you are going to receive from the car warranty coverage.

How to handle the repairs or replacements during the car warranty period?

Handling repairs or replacements during the car warranty period involves a series of steps to ensure that you take full advantage of the coverage provided.

1. As a first step, identify the covered components, and make sure the repair or replacement that you encounter falls under the coverage stated in the fine print of your car warranties.

2. Contact the third-party car warranty companies or dealerships from where you have purchased car warranties and provide them with complete details about the problems that you face with your vehicle and clearly enquire about the next steps.

3. Your warranty provider may schedule a complete inspection of your vehicle to assess whether the issues that you are facing are covered under the warranty plans. Obtaining the proper authorization from the car warranty provider before carrying out any repairs or replacements is highly essential.

4. Once your claims are approved, get your vehicle repaired only at the list of authorized repair facilities stated in the owner’s manual.

5. It is good to keep all the records of claims approval and the repair process throughout the warranty period for future reference and it might be even helpful if you are planning to sell your vehicle.

6. If you encounter any challenges or have questions during the warranty claims process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the dealership or warranty provider for clarification and assistance. This is why it is important to choose a car warranty provider that has professional customer support.


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