Top Common mistakes made while purchasing extended car warranties

common car warranty mistakes

Purchasing the extended car warranty has numerous benefits like providing peace of mind and added protection to your vehicle but proper research and analysis is essential while making the purchase to receive the maximum benefit out of it.

In this blog, we have listed some of the common mistakes that people make when buying extended car warranties. Being aware of those mistakes will help you to be aware of and make the best extended car warranty purchase.

Lack of research in finding a good warranty company around you

One of the biggest mistakes made during the warranty purchase is not conducting thorough research on different warranty providers, coverage options, and pricing.

So it is quite good to take the time to compare multiple companies, read reviews and testimonials to understand the terms and conditions of each warranty plan and their provider.

Selecting a good warranty company with a good claim settlement ratio will help you to remain at peace throughout the warranty period. Never choose a warranty company that has little information and a poor reputation.

Ignoring reading and understanding the fine print of the warranty

Reading the fine print carefully is essential to understand everything about the warranty plans that you choose.

Many people make the mistake of not reading the fine print carefully, leading to misunderstandings and unexpected expenses later on. Try to gather more information about everything like exclusions, deductibles, claim processes, transferability and coverage limitations by reading the fine print and enquiring it with the warranty provider.

Without proper research, landing on the exaggerated warranty policy

Some people without understanding their vehicle condition and their needs choose an exaggerated extended warranty by not comparing the need of the vehicle with the warranty coverage.

Some people assume they’ll face major repair bills and rush into purchasing an extended warranty without considering their actual needs based on vehicle usage. Purchasing an exaggerated warranty coverage other than what you need will end up as a waste of money.

So shop around, obtain quotes from different providers for the coverage level you need for your vehicle and get the better deal.

Not thinking about vehicle reliability

If you have a model of car with a good reliability score, then purchasing the basic extended car warranty plans would be enough. So plan accordingly.

Not paying attention to the coverage limitation of the car warranty

Some extended car warranties have certain limitations, such as mileage restrictions, age limits, or only covering specific components. Failing to understand these limitations can lead to disappointment and claims being denied when you expect coverage.

Not being aware of warranty transferability

If you plan to sell your vehicle before the extended warranty expires, it’s crucial to understand whether the warranty is transferable. Purchasing the transferable car warranty would increase the resale value of your vehicle.

So next time when you are planning to purchase the extended car warranty for your vehicle after the current warranty expires try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and make your purchase worthwhile by understanding your vehicle’s condition and your financial situation.

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