What are the most expensive car repairs?

expensive car repair

Getting cars repaired is usually time-consuming, stressful and expensive. The one important way to stay away from the major repairs demanding hefty repair bills is by getting regular maintenance done for your car.

Regular maintenance will keep away any of the major components in your car from getting completely failed and reduce the chance of unexpected electrical or mechanical breakdown.

However, we all would have faced expensive repair bills at least once in a lifetime. One such easy way to handle those auto repair bills without any financial stress is to purchase auto warranties in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Some of the most expensive repairs in the car that can be handled easily with the warranty plans are listed below,

Fuel injector replacement

Fuel injectors are highly essential for spraying the proper quantity of fuel to your engine and are electronically controlled. So that the optimal fuel-air mixture can be created for combustion.

The fuel injectors do not wear out that often but when it happens it is quite expensive to get the replacement done

Transmission replacement

As we all know transmission is the second most important part of the car. The transmission has various components like a clutch, flywheel, pressure plates and many others.

The transmission and differentials generally have the fluids for lubrication, so pay attention to it.

Since the transmission replacement is expensive, properly maintaining it with the transmission fluid flush as per the manufacturer guidelines and caring about the way you use your gears and clutch is highly important.

Cylinder head gasket replacement

The head gasket acts as a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head and is responsible for keeping the combustion gas, engine oil and coolant from escaping the engine. The head gaskets are mainly damaged due to the engine overheating.

Catalytic converter & oxygen sensor

The primary function of a catalytic converter is to clean the exhaust, when it is not working properly one can feel the rotten egg smell in their car. One simple way to extend the lifespan of the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor is through the usage of proper high-quality fuel and keeping the car well-maintained.

Water pump replacement

The water pump is one of the most important components in the cooling system. The water pump will not get repaired that often but when it happens you need to spend a huge amount of money to the repair shop.

Doing small things like monitoring the coolant level and topping up with the qualified coolant will keep it in the good condition.

Apart from the few listed above, there are several other expensive repairs in the car like engine control module issues, clutch assembly replacement, radiator and starter replacement, timing belt replacement, engine rebuild, suspension repair and many more.

When any of the above occurs, you would visit the authorized car service center specialized in your brand to get it sorted out and end up paying the hefty repair or replacement bills.

Wanted to be free of the stress towards the unexpected hefty repair bills and have complete peace of mind on the roads? Then it is time to consider the car warranty purchase in the UAE.

MP Warranties: Trusted car warranty provider in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

MP Warranties being one of the trusted car warranty companies in the UAE offers the most comprehensive new car warranties, used car warranties and extended car warranties for all makes and models of vehicles to make your vehicle maintenance easier and affordable.

With us, the extended car warranty plans are specifically tailored based on the condition of your vehicle and the budget. It is always made sure that with our auto warranty plans all the important components of your car that are expensive to repair or replace are covered so that you can stay confident on the roads.

Apart from the better coverage, our numerous qualities like the instant claims process and the well-established in-house service center that offers same-day repairs with the help of certified technicians in most cases makes vehicle maintenance easier than ever before.

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