How do extended car warranty plans from MP warranties help you with your maintenance budget?

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If you are constantly worried about unwanted vehicle breakdowns and unexpected auto repair bills then extended car warranty plans may be a smart solution to protect your vehicle and your finances.

You would find it easy to deal with the electrical and mechanical repairs of your car while you are under the factory warranty period, but after which you can get the support of extended warranty plans of desired coverage level to manage your annual repair costs of the vehicle.

There are ideally two options to purchase the extended car warranty coverage either from the manufacturer or from the third-party warranty provider. But in most cases purchasing extended car warranty packages from independent warranty companies is a wise idea, since they come up with additional benefits like customized coverage options, roadside assistance and competitive prices.

Extended car warranty plans extend its protection not only to the important mechanical components like engine and transmission, but also to others like air conditioning systems, electrical systems and others based on the coverage level you choose.

Let us consider if you are planning to keep your car for more than 10 years remember the manufacturer warranty will only last for 2 to 3 years depending on the make and model you hold. After which you need to spend money out of your pockets to get the repairs or replacement done when needed.The electrical and mechanical breakdown can occur though your car is highly reliable, so having the extended warranty plans after the manufacturer warranty period will help to streamline your budget and keep your car in good condition.

Budgeting your breakdown can be done easily with the help of extended car warranties

The unforeseen breakdown can cause a huge hole in your budget so you must be prepared to handle it if mishaps occur.

There are certain things you can do to reduce the financial strain caused by the vehicle breakdown, one such thing is purchasing an extended car warranty plan.

Extended car warranty plans specifically cover the cost of vehicle breakdown if it is due to the repair or premature failure of the electrical or mechanical components that are covered under the extended car warranty packages.

24-hour roadside assistance including towing support is one of the biggest boons that come along with the extended car warranty plans offered by certain providers. These recovery services provided by your car warranty companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can save your money to a greater extent.

Cut down your vehicle repair costs in the future

Owning a car is quite expensive. Similarly, when it gets older you have to make frequent trips to the service center to get the repairs sorted out since as your car gets older, it is more susceptible to repairs and replacement.

In such cases having extended car warranty plans keeps you away from the stress of rising repair costs in the future.

How do extended car warranty plans impact the resale value of your car?

If you are planning to sell your car while it is under the extended warranty period, it has a huge positive impact on the value of your car in the resale market.

It creates a positive impression among the prospective buyer that the car is well maintained in the past and they can enjoy peaceful ownership in the future.

It assures the buyer that when something negative happens to the car in the future after the purchase, the extended warranty plans will make them handle it easily.

So it is always essential to enquire with your warranty provider that the extended warranty plans that you purchase are transferable in case you plan to sell your car in the future.

But to ensure that the extended warranty plans you purchase save your maintenance budget in the long run, the warranty plans should be beneficial and worthy. There are a few questions that you must check before finalizing your warranty purchase with your provider so that you can enjoy more benefits in the future.

  • What is the repair history of your car in the past six months and what protection is needed based on its condition?
  • What is covered and excluded by the warranty plan you choose?
  • What is the coverage length?
  • Has the provider you choose had a good reputation and greater claim settlement ratio in the past?
  • Is the money you spend is worth the coverage level you receive?

Keep your car safe & reliable with MP Warranties

Whether you need the used car extended warranty packages or looking out for the extension to new car warranty plans in the UAE then MP Warranties are a perfect choice.

Our extended car warranty plans in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are designed with a greater level of flexibility in benefits, cost and coverage. So you can choose the one that best fits your car’s condition, requirements and budget.

Our extended car warranty packages provide you with complete peace of mind when it comes to automotive maintenance. Offer the best protection to your car and stay confident on the roads with MP warranties in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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