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Usage of home electronics gadgets has increased to a greater extent and  become part of daily life to add luxury to modern lifestyle.

So your job does not end with purchasing them.

You need to find some home electronic warranty packages for your home appliances to make their maintenance easier.

If you are looking for cost-effective and comprehensive home electronic warranty packages then you have landed at right spot.

Importance of extended warranty on home electronic appliances

When you decide to buy a home electronics appliance you would have done the greater research so that it last longer.

Whether it may be televisions, water heaters, washing machine, and others it would come with a protection plan probably for a year.

What happens if you get a problem with your home electronics after the manufacturer warranty gets over.

MP warranties help you out in this situation by providing extended warranty packages for all kinds of electronic appliances.

Just imagine how cool it would be,

when the home electronic appliances are protected by a trusted warranty provider at nominal charges?

What is a home electronic warranty?

Home electronic warranty renders protection to the electronic appliances based on the coverage level and covers the expensive repairs bills.

It will almost cover most of the electronics appliances that you will use in the day to day life.

Are electronic warranties for home appliances worth buying?

Let us imagine a situation where you are purchasing the air conditioning system or washing machine for your home.

You would have definitely enjoyed its performance at the initial stages for years.

Electronic items start to face issues with their important components due to their continuous usage.

But this would have been the time the manufacturer warranty that came along with your purchase would have been over.

So the extended warranty packages for home electronics  are worth buying to save money in the long run.

To know complete guidance about the home electronics extended warranty packages in UAE get in touch with MP Warranties.

MP Warranties electronic warranty plans are instant & hassle free

Our warranty packages cover most of the repairs and replacements of electronic appliances after your manufacturer warranty.

Our home electronic warranty plans become active the very next day of the manufacturer warranty so you can be stress free.

The other reasons that make our customers trust us includes flexible options, economical, transparent, convenient and streamlined service.

Why do you need protection for your home electronic appliances?

  • It is always good to have protection for electronic devices because they are more prone to accidents either by you or themselves.
  • Home electronics devices nowadays have complex systems due to the advancement in technology to offer superior performance.

So the chances of repair also increases which can easily be managed with the electronic warranty packages.

What are the electronic items that can be protected with your warranty packages?

Home electronic warranty coverage

The comprehensive range of home electronic and electronic appliances we cover includes a cooker, oven, microwave, washing machines, refrigerators, electronic water heaters, air conditioners, televisions & cameras.

We also cover grey appliances like LCD or LED monitors, printer, scanner, laptops, tablets, smartphones, audio & video devices.

Under what situation does the electronic warranty package cannot be used?

Mostly our warranty packages cover the expensive repairs and replacements in the situations like,

  • Any of the mechanical or electrical failures
  • Speaker or sound system failure
  • Any of the replaceable arts get damages
  • Remote failure
  • If your electronic items does not start
  • Theft or lost
  • Accidental spills & drops

Under what situation does the electronic warranty package cannot be used?

Extended warranty packages cannot be used for any physical damage to your appliances.

The claims cannot be supported if the objects were intentionally damaged or they were found to be damaged during the commercial use.

What are the benefits of home electronic warranty plans?

  • Home electronic warranty packages provide you with both peace of mind and the satisfaction that your appliances are protected.
  • If you are planning to keep your electronic items in the long run it is good to have extended warranty packages.
  • Long term protection is assured so the devices can be kept running smoothly and efficiently in an economical way.
  • You are away from the hefty repair bills and you no need to pay from your pockets.

The decision to purchase the home electronic warranty packages differs based on the individual and the situation.

But if you want to protect the electronic appliances that have routine usage then it is best to have the extended warranty packages.

MP Warranties: The leading provider of electronic warranty in the UAE

Note that we offer the best array of home electronic warranty packages for all your home appliances.

Electronic warranty plans are customized based on the needs of the customers with maximum benefits at an affordable price.

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