How do extended warranties for the new and used cars work

new & used car warranty

Usually, when you approach an independent warranty company for the extended warranty plans after the factory warranty ends, they will carefully examine the condition of your car to make sure there are no existing damages before approving it for the extended warranty plans.

When you contact the provider to buy the extended car warranty plans, it is easy and the price is lower if the factory warranty plan is active. After the factory warranty ends, you will have to pay more for the extended warranty plan.

Next, when you think about the extent of coverage level with an independent warranty company like us they offer better coverage than the factory warranty with additional benefits.

Some of the important mechanical components ( Engine, transmission, suspension, differential, etc.. ) and the electrical components can be protected with the extended warranty plans in the UAE. The coverage level differs based on the plans you choose and the price.

Certain components that are frequently susceptible to wear and tear damages like tires, brake pads, discs, and routine maintenance like oil change and filter replacement are not supported by the extended warranty plans.

While purchasing the new or the used car extended warranty plans read the fine print carefully to know about the components covered and to get the details about the coverage period, claims process, and many more.

If you are under the extended car warranty plans when any mechanical or electrical breakdown occurs and the covered parts need repair or replacement the claims can be made to handle all your expenses including the labor charges.

When you opt for the extended car warranty plans in Dubai & Abu Dhabi from us, we promise to provide the repair or replacements of the covered components done at our authorized service center with the genuine spare parts mostly in the same day with it you can get benefited with our additional services like roadside assistance and the towing support.

Purchasing the extended warranty plans from independent warranty companies is easy to use because the claims procedures are quite easy when compared to the dealers.     

In what cases the extended warranty plans become necessary?

  • If you have an older car that has covered more kilometers and is susceptible to frequent repairs then having the extended warranty plans is the right choice.
  • Though your vehicle is new, if the make and the model have poor reliability and need frequent trips to the service center then having the extended warranty packages is worth it.
  • If you purchase the used car with the extended warranty plans and the coverage period gets over then you need to extend it.
  • If you look out for additional perks like recovery services for your car then extended warranty packages from the most independent warranty companies provide it along with better protection for your car.

In what cases the claims made during the extended warranty coverage period may fail?

If the repair claim is not covered by the warranty plans or the regular maintenance to the car has not been properly carried out the claims can be rejected. If the issue was found to be pre-existing or caused due to any modification to your vehicle the claims can be rejected.

So never fail to keep up with the regular maintenance schedule of your car as per the manufacturer guidelines.

Extended car warranty packages costs and the factors that determine the price.

If you are the one purchasing the extended car warranty packages for the first time, you would have numerous doubts about its costs. Prices of the extended warranty plans differ between the providers, plans and the requirements of the customer.

The various factors that play a major role in deciding the cost of the extended warranty plans are type and the age of the car, driving history, level of coverage and the coverage length.

So nowadays you can lower the amount you spend on the extended warranty purchase for your car by personalizing the warranty plans based on your needs with the third-party car warranty companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

With MP Warranties, you can purchase the best extended warranty plans in the UAE for new and used cars with the proper guidance from our service advisor to make your purchase worthy. We offer complete peace of mind without any fear of unexpected breakdowns and expensive repair bills so that you can be confident on the roads with the thought that your car is always protected.

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